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Making your heliskiing reservation is easy. We don't need a deposit or credit card number, just your contact details.

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Important: all bookings need to be reconfirmed within 48 to 24 hours before your heliski day.

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Because heliskiing is a weather-dependent activity, pre-payment is not required.

We reserve the right to cancel heliskiing due to bad weather. This decision is normally made at 07:00 on the day of operation.

In this case a refund of 100% is due for any pre-paid clients, who are unable to re-book for a later date.

For cancellation by the guest (for reasons other than bad weather):

  • Cancellation by pre-paid clients up until 12 hours of operating will incur no cancellation fee. Cancellation should be made by phone or in person, not by email.

  • There will be a 50% charge for pre-paid clients who “no-show” and the weather is operable


Please reconfirm your booking within 48-24 hours prior to your heliski day.

Why reconfirm?

This allows us to pass on important information - like the weather forecast, and snow conditions.

If you cannot reconfirm and we are unable to contact you we reserve the right to cancel your booking.